When Rosa Parks refused on the afternoon of Dec. 1, 1955, to give up her bus seat so that a white man could sit, it is unlikely that she fully realized the forces she had set into motion and the controversy that would soon swirl around her.

Remembering Rosa Parks

Goodbye, Mrs. Parks



DETROIT — The remarkable journey of the world’s beloved mother of the civil rights movement has come to an end.The world has said goodbye to civil rights legend Rosa Parks, whose famous stand against segregation 50 years ago helped break the back of Jim Crow law in the South and whose single, quiet act of defiance ignited a movement to end racial injustice in America and around the world.

• Pomp of sendoff ‘what she deserved’
• Mourners look back on Parks’ legacy
• Crowds honor civil rights legend
• Nation mourns mother of civil rights movement
• On the street where she lived
• Riders get glimpse of Parks’ legacy
• Students given lessons in bravery
• One Montgomery saddened, still working
• Parks’ quiet courage helped change the world
• Parks ignited movement
• Multitude of things named in honor of Parks
• Close friend, activist has special perspective


Rosa Parks bus restored
Rosa Parks Memorial Processional
Montgomery Improvement Association Rosa Parks Memorial Service
Brenda Jackson at Parks funeral
Congressional delegation at Parks funeral
Al Sharpton speaks at Parks funeral
Aretha Franklin sings a tribute to Mrs. Parks
President Bill Clinton speaks at Mrs. Parks Funeral
Bernice King presents a statement from the King family
Rev. Charles Addams gives a prayer to remember
Johnnie Carr at the funeral for Rosa Parks


Program for the Rosa Parks vigil (.pdf)
Attorney Fred Gray letter of condolence (.pdf)
MIA Rosa Parks Memorial Program(.pdf)

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